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PRONTO-TEL COMPANY D.O.O, registration number No. 5-0552773 / 004, is a mobile and fixed-line operator of Montenegro based on the license No.0205-6653 / 2 issued Telecommunication Agency of Montenegro.



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WITHOUT ROAMING in all countries of the European Community

Cost of SIM card 8€.

The price includes 1200 MB Internet and unlimited SMS within the network.
Cost of SMS to other networks 0,075€.
International calls from 0.03€per minute.
Calls within Prontotel network – IS FREE.

You can recharge the balance with a voucher, as well as at our points of sale of services or via the Internet. Activation of SIM cards occurs from the first call. After activation of the SIM card, the client can use the service "Personal Cabinet", where all the information necessary for him is available, including:
- options for replenishing the account;
- choice of the tariff plan;
- balance check.
Replenishments are issued at face value10€ and 20€.
Through the Internet or at our points of sale, you can refill the balance for any amount, starting from 2 €.

Our partner, for working with SIM cards of EU, the company Galevi s.r.o. Czech Republic.
Trademark Lime Line (www.limeline.cz; www.limeline.net/ru).



Operator selection
Virtual office
Virtual PBX
Sip telephony
Call Center

If you are not in the EU zone (European Community countries), incoming calls will no longer be free. For calls in Roaming it is advantageous to call using our application.
The service can be used in any Country of the World, in a place where there is access to the Internet, Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.
If you have a regular phone, we can provide you with the phone number of the country in which you are located. By calling to it, you will be able to receive Virtual ATS services and make calls on our network for free, and to other networks at favorable rates.

Operator selection

To use the service, you must sign a contract.
To make a call before dialing, dial 1022.
For example, to call to Russia you need to dial: 1022, then 00 7, the city code and the number of the called subscriber.
When calling to the network of mobile operators in Montenegro 1022, then the network code (for example 067) and the number of the called subscriber.
If your company has an automatic telephone exchange (automatic telephone exchange), our specialists can set up call forwarding to the Pronto-tel network. In this case, before dialing the subscriber number, you will not need to dial 1022.


Virtual office

This service will allow part of the routine work on receiving calls, e-mails, faxes to transfer to the shoulders of specially trained people for such work.


- Saving on the maintenance of the office. Reduction of expenses for office payment, purchase and maintenance of office equipment, telephones and telephone lines, as well as labor costs for highly qualified secretaries.

- Optimization of working hours. Virtual Office specialists will protect you from unnecessary calls, and the necessary ones will be redirected to the phones you specified.

- Always in touch. The virtual office works smoothly and around the clock. No call will be missed. At any time, your subscriber will be greeted on your behalf or your company's name, answer the necessary questions or translate the call to the phone number you specified. It is important that you can connect to a subscriber on any phone number in the world, at favorable rates.

-Save each contact. CRM-system Virtual Office allows you to save important for you contacts. You can always contact a virtual office specialist and find out all the information about the contact person you need, ask to connect with this person, send him an E-mail or a fax.

Each Virtual Office is created in accordance with the individual needs and objectives of the Customer. Allows you to create virtual divisions of the company, working on an ongoing basis, for example, an order reception service, an information and referral service, a secretariat, a customer service department, a dispatch service, a company representative office, a hotline.

Virtual PBX

This is the ability to make calls from your phone to the your individual order telephone network.

Inside the network, calls are made FREE OF CHARGE.

You can forward from your internal network to any specified number, including the number of any country in the world.
For your partners, customers, or relatives, it is possible to provide the telephone number of the country where they live or are currently located. Calls will be made by TARIFFS.


You are allocated Montenegrin virtual telephone number +382 xxx xxx and short number of the network PRONTO-TEL 3199.
Each subscriber to whom you will call, we can allocate numbers of our automatic telephone exchange (four-digit), which will be forwarded to phone of the subscriber you are calling. It does not matter in which country customer is located. You can set up the redirection in your account or contact PRONTOTEL
Redirects are free. The cost of a minute of conversation corresponds to the tariffs,


To make a call to 3198, you need to dial the PBX number +382 xxx xxx.
As soon as you hear the voice menu, dial 3198.
Calling to these numbers is free for you, but if the call is redirected to the mobile phone of the called subscriber, then for the redirection of calls from him, a fee will be charged according to TARIFFS
In your account you can choose the telephone number of your country of the World for your PBX. You can also make call forwarding.

Sip telephony

- FREE calls from mobile and fixed telephones in Prontotel network;

- ALMOST free calls to networks of other operators;

- making calls in the absence of access to the Internet;

- possibility to choose the telephone number of any country in the world;

- corporate communications (Virtual PBX);

- no costs for equipment and installation work;

- control calls through your personal office: sip.pronto-tel.net/billing;

- INFO center in your native language;

- for corporate clients it is more convenient to use Virtual PBX.


To use the service, you need to download the Prontotel application from PLAY MARKET or APPSTORE.

To use the service, you need to download the Prontotel application from PLAY MARKET or APPSTORE.

Call Center

Calling the phone number of our INFO CENTER (the phone number will be the country from which the call will be made), tourists who are in Montenegro or intending to visit Montenegro will be able, in their native language, to receive information about the hotels in Montenegro, car rental, sales and rental of real estate , services of tourist, insurance and aviation companies, medical institutions, restaurants and other services provided by Montenegrin entrepreneurs.


E-mail: info@pronto-tel.net
Tel: +380 312 428 386 in Russian
Tel: +380 312 428 385 in Montenegrin